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Import/Export within the EU, Greenland, Norway & Sweeden


Send us your request to info@jjsu.dk or contact us via the contact form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Browse the Danish version to see our product.

1,00 DKK is approx 0,13€ / 0,15$ / 0,11£

Price for transport of weapons 0-20 kg within eu is 200 euro. Free export declaration for purchases from jysk jagt og skytteudstyr.


How does buying weapons via the website work?

1. Put the product in the shopping basket.
2. Enter your information.
3. Select payment method.
4. Select delivery
5. Complete purchase.
6. After the purchase has been completed and subsequent payment, we confirm the purchase and immediately forward the information about the weapon so that a weapons permit or import permit can be applied for.
7. Once the permit has been received and a valid photo ID is presented, we will apply to the Danish police for an export permit and prepare the goods for transport.

Click here to see the danish version

Our showroom is located in the heart heart of Vendsyssel, halfway between Aalborg and Hjørring.
Parking is available within 5 m of the shop. Distance to the train station 1 km, airport 25 km.

     Jysk jagt og skytteudstyr
     v/Jacob T. Juvoll-Andreasen
     Markedsvej 46-48
     9700 Brønderslev
     Tlf. +45 5191 1046  - E-mail: 



    Sparekassen Vendsyssel
     Regnr. 9070
     Konto.nr. 1632858996  
     Mobilepay:  5191 1046

     IBAN. DK6390701632858996

Contact us

Jysk jagt & skytteudstyr
Markedsvej 46 - DK 9700 Brønderslev
E-mail: info@jjsu.dk - Tlf. (+45) 51911046
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